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  So, Vancouver doesn't have many super epic conventions but they have VCon (Vancouver Sci-fi and Fantasy Convention) And this year I was working with VSteam (a Vancouver steampunk community) and we were asked to be a sponsor so, huzzah! Free pass.

Since I was only there one day I thought I would fit in as much costuming as possible. And the first people I run into are the only other two DW Cosplayers!

I'm the Kissogram and Khuwwa did an awesome Femme Eleven and I'm not sure what the ToA Amy's user name is, but she's around here somewhere! Since they didn't have a camera I got a few shots of them!

Then it got too hot so I put on my ToA sweater but sadly I forgot my hair band and don't have the right shoes and I found not quite the right doctor....

Dr. McNinja senses something is wrong

They also had a cut-out of Rose and 10 so I just had to take a picture of my friends Kendall and Hunter...



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